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The Earthship Sessions

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Earthships....
but were Afraid to Ask"

I recently spent a few nights at the Greater World Earthship Community in an Earthship and had a fabulous time immersing myself in Earthship!  I watched 5 DVDs - read 5 - 6 of their books and toured the community.  I talked with Earthships and lived through some spectacular thunder and lightning storms (rarely get these at home)!


My Visit to the Land of Earthships

The above photo is the pinnacle on the new Educational Center at the Greater World Earthship Community.  Its hard not to take a good photo here.    Michael Reynolds - the inventor - architect - artist - humanitarian - hippie (?) - and guiding light of the Earthship has bitten, clawed, cajoled, lectured, taught and built for over 40 years to take the Earthship where it is today.  And, that point is pretty cool.  The photo below is at one of several Earthship communities and the center of the Earthship Universe.   Not only is there a visitor center where you can learn more about Earthships but a new Educational Center is also in its final stages.


Are Earthships the Ultimate Green Home?

  • Built with recycled materials
  • Create their own energy
  • Heat and cool themselves

There is a ton to learn for anyone who wants to build Green.


What can we learn from the Earthship?

Earthships are "off grid."  These homes are completely off the grid - no sewer - no water - no electricity - no cable is provided with this development. 

Earthships create their own power - collect water and deal with their own waste!


Learn the 6 Pillars of the Earthship Design

What are the key points that make an Earthship an Earthship?  And how do you put it all together?  These values would be key for anybody considering an Environmentally sound project.


How are Earthships Built?

Learn how to build an Earthship.  We  take you through the whole process.



What are these things?

Earthships go from chic...... (this one is for sale for $1.5m)...


to shabby....

and everything in between.   Many of the homes are owner built - or at least partly - and like many contractor's homes (I know from experience) some of these Earthships look like they will never be finished.


Can I Build one in my Town?

Learn about Code issues. 



Is an Earthship for Me?

Are you open to a new type of "Vessel" to ride through the millennium?  Are we building homes today that really address the way we live?  Or do we need a whole new way of thinking?



Do you want to rely on the Grid - the power companies - the gas company and the grocery store?  Or do you want true freedom and independence?

Off Grid?

Earthships are "off grid."  These homes are completely off the grid - no sewer - no water - no electricity - no cable is provided with this development. 


Will it Work In My Climate?

Earthships have been developed in many configurations - for hot - cold - moist and dry climates.

What about for Disaster Areas?

The Earthship is the perfect solution for disaster areas.   You've heard the story - give a man a fish and he won't be hungry for a day - but teach him to fish and he won't be hungry for a lifetime!   Teach a man to build a home - out of trash - that will be safe and secure - catch its own water - and he'll have a home for life.

Gray Water ?

Earthships us water 4 times - see the webinar - learn how

Recycle and Sustainability ?

Need we say more ....  The fundamental building block of the Earthship is the tire! Learn how it and other waste product is used in the construction of an Earthship.


The Webinars....

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Earthships
but were Afraid to Ask...."


Summary of What You Get...

"The Earthship Sessions"

  1. Introduction to Earthships

  2. Tour of the Greater Earthship Community

  3. 6 Pillars of the Earthship

  4. Construction - How to Build an Earthship

  5. What can you learn from Earthship

  6. and much, much more !

  • 2 Sessions - Webinar training on Earthships
  • PowerPoint Multi Media Video Presentation
  • Interactive "Chalk Board" talks
  • Downloadable MP3s both Sessions
  • Downloadable PDFs both Sessions
  • You get instant access to all the training, cheat-sheets, checklists, and resources

There’s no waiting for the mail, or waiting for each lesson to arrive via email. You get unlimited access to the entire course immediately !

Who Should Get This Course?

Anyone who wants the REAL scoop when it comes to Earthships… specifically "how to" and real, easy to understand information. This is not a course filled with Green fluff ! This will show you the inside scoop of everything you need to know about Earthships !

Bottom Line: if you want real information and you want it now, get this Webinar! :D


Green Home

The Green Building Sessions are amazing.   We love your easy manner, good sense of humor and depth of knowledge.  We can't wait for the next Webinar!

Jim and Susan Roberts - Flagstaff, AZ



“Why Should I Listen To You ?”

Great question!

My name is Otis Bradley and I have been designing and building homes for over 30 years.  I've built in the East coast, the West coast and points in between!  I've built homes for Billionaires as well as the poorest people you can imagine.  My homes have appeared in Fine Homebuilding, Modern Interiors, Architectural Digest and many other publications.  You will see examples from actual Green Homes built in the last couple of years as well as current projects.

Very few builders design houses as well as build them.  Having the ability to both gives me a unique insight to help you understand Green Building.  Most times you get the point of view from one side or the other but building is an art and a science.  I started learning architectural design when I was 15 and continued  at Rhode Island School of Design and at the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA.

Additionally, I am an active member of the NAHB - National Association of Home Builders, and a member of the "Builder - 20 Group" which is an exclusive association of 20 independent builders from around the country who meet twice a year to share information, practices and techniques.  I am also a member of the California Building Association and the USGBC - United States Green Building Council.




What’s the Guarantee?

Take 60 days to test us out… watch the webinars… print out the “cheat sheets” process maps…ask questions  at the Q & A

If this course isn’t everything we’ve promised and more, then we’ll refund your entire purchase… no hard feelings. The only thing we ask is that you actually DO something with the material, because it WILL work for you if you just take some basic steps

My personal promise to you is to provide you with fun, informative information that you can easily understand and put to work right away.  Whether you are building a new multi million dollar home, remodeling your existing home or just plain interested - The Earthship Sessions are for you!


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Small House

We want a small house, my wife and I, but were afraid of not getting all we want and being too small - thanks for showing us how to design our space in a small, efficient and green home!

Bill MacNamara - Louisville, Kentucky



To your Green Building success!

                   Otis Bradley

PS – If you don’t get this course you’ll never know the REAL deal when it comes to Earthships. You might think you know it… you might hope you know it… you might even think someone else has the answers you need… but you won’t find what you need anywhere else but here.

PPS - And the longer you wait to get “The Earthship Sessions” the less Green Building knowledge you will have and you will continue to be frustrated. Don’t wait… get your instant access right now !

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